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Really HUGE Warthog, taken at 6 yards!

Bill Fiori with Burchell's Zebra.

Cory Mattson with a dandy Eland bull.

Dan Holland with a BIG Warthog!

Dan Holland with nice Kudu bull.

Don Parks with nice Wildebeest. There is no substitute for blind luck!

HUGE Warthog taken by very SMALL bowhunter!

Canadian Jim Kennedy with nice Kudu, eh?

Jim Kennedy with HUGE Cape Buffalo!

OLD, old Wildebeest bull. Deaf and blind is good!

Why is everything I shoot bigger than I am? Old Buff!

54" Kudu taken with self bow and stone arrowhead.

Black Backed Jackal taken by Paul

Good Gemsbok bull taken with selfbow and stone arrowhead.

Too Short with Gemsbok bull. Taken at 7 yards1

Nice Impala taken with snaky selfbow and stone point.

Mountain Zebra...not many of these taken with bow!

Too Short with Tsessebe bull, Africa's fastest Antelope.

Paul, Karen, and grandson with Impala taken with horn bellied Indian bow and stone tipped arrow.

Theresa Sanders with big Gemsbok bull taken with Texas Recurve.

Theresa Sanders with 14" MONSTER Warthog, taken with a recuve! She is one macho dudette!

Typical sight from tree stand at reservoir.

View from a water hole blind! Hmmm?

Wild Bill Fiori with two Impala rams!


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